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ShadowMax - Мобильный телефон с Видеопроектором (Две Сим Карты, TV)
Код товара: [CVFD-M164]
 157.50 грн.

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Дополнительные изображения

ShadowMax - Mini Projector Cellphone (Quadband, Dual-SIM, TV)

A first class mini projector with up to 50 inches of wall-projected amazingness! A top of the line quad band, dual SIM touchscreen phone. Brought together in one amazing device - say hello to the brand new ShadowMax - Mini Projector Phone! Also comes with a free 2GB microSD card!

Perfect Projector: Why would you want a projector that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand? In a word - convenience. The convenience to watch your video files at any time, but not on a little, wittle, teenie, weenie, pansy screen, but on 50 inches of wall projected glory...that's how good movies should be watched! Better yet, use The ShadowMax for on the go or on the fly presentations. Picture This: You're in the elevator. It opens on the 11th floor and in steps Bill Gates. It just so happens you have the video you made for your dotcom startup. Without missing a beat, you play the video file and project it against the elevator wall. Fast forward two weeks later, the world's richest man is writing you a check for $10,000,000!

Perfect Phone: You're a man of the world and you need a phone that goes global whenever you do - The ShadowMax Mini Projector Cellphone with quadband GSM functionality does that and more. It's unlocked so simply insert a prepaid GSM sim card into the phone and you can start dialing or receiving calls..in fact, since The ShadowMax is also a dual-SIM cellphone, you can insert 2 SIM cards. In plain English? One. Cell. Phone. Two. Phone. Numbers. Let's see the iPhone do that!

Perfect Pheatures: It only gets better. To make The ShadowMax even more tres cool and oh so functional we've put in a front and rear facing camera, MP3 and MP4 player, a host of productivity tools, and even analog TV! The ShadowMax - Mini Projector Chinese Cellphone, super-charged with everything you need for your modern life. Brought to you by the leader in Chinese cellphones - Natakir.

At a Glance...

  • Powerful mini projector
  • Quadband GSM China cellphone
  • Dual-SIM, unlocked phone
  • 2GB TF microSD card included free
  • front and rear facing camera/camcorder

NOTE: This GSM product is compatible with the four frequencies of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. It can be used throughout the world.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Function: 2.8 inch Touchscreen unlocked quad band dual SIM cellphone + mini projector
  • Mini Projector Info 
  • LED Rated Lumens: 25 
  • Lamp source: High Powered LED 
  • Radiant Exitance: 10 
  • Display Mode: 4 by 3 
  • Resolution: VGA (640 x 480) 
  • Lamp Life: 20,000 hours+ 
  • Contrast ratio: 200:1 
  • Focus: Manual 
  • Built-in speakers: YES
  • Mobile Phone Info 
  • 2.8 Inch LCD Touch Screen 
  • Quadband GSM frequencies: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz 
  • SIM Card Slots: YES, 2 of them 
  • Mobile Internet: GSM Data, GPRS, WAP 
  • External Memory: MicroSD card slot 
  • Bluetooth: YES (Hands free, Headset, SPP, DUN, OPP, FTP, A2DP, AVRCP, BPP, HID, BIP) 
  • Main Menu Languages : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Greek
  • File Formats Info 
  • Video: 3GP, AVI 
  • Audio: AAC, MP3, WAV, MIDI 
  • Images: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG 
  • Ebook: TXT
  • Digital Camera Info: 
  • Photo Format: JPG 
  • Dual Sensor: 1 (Front Lens), 2 (Back Lens) 
  • Resolution: Max 640x480 (0.3MP)
  • Video Camera Info: 
  • Dual Camera: 1 (Front Lens), 2 (Back Lens) 
  • Resolution: 176x144 @7FPS 
  • Video Record Format: AVI
  • On Board Buttons/Slots 
  • USB recharging and file transfer 
  • 2.5mm RCA earphone jack 
  • ON/OFF 
  • TV Antenna 
  • Front and Rear Camera Lens 
  • Volume 
  • Menu 
  • Drop Call 
  • Call 
  • Projector Toggle ON/OFF 
  • Focus Knob

Battery Info 

  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion 
  • Battery Charge Time approx: 3 hours 
  • Talk Time approx: 3-4 hours (depending on use) 
  • Standby Time approx: 72 - 108 hours (depending on use) 
  • Playing Time (music) approx: 8-10 hours 
  • Playing Time (video) approx: 5-6 hours
  • Analog TV: Yes, SECAM, NTSC, PAL
  • fm Radio: 87.5MHz to 108MHz (worldwide)
  • Power via USB or Power Adapter (100-240v)

Dimensions: L:110 x W:56 x D:17 (mm)

Product Notes

  • One touch menu navigation.
  • Fully unlocked phone! Use with any GSM carrier.
  • Loaded with multimedia features and comes with 2 GB TF/ micro SD card.

Package Contents for Model CVFD-M164

  • ShadowMax - Mini Projector Cellphone (Quadband, Dual-SIM, TV)
  • Built in Stylus
  • USB Cable
  • Free 2GB Micro SD card included
  • Earphones
  • User Manual - English
  • Power Adapter (100-240V)
  • Li-ion 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery x2





FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the phone come with a contract?

No. This phone is contract-free and fully unlocked so it can work with any GSM service provider you choose.

  • Is this phone like the iPhone?

No, this phone is better than the iPhone! Unlike the iPhone, the Galaxia Phone comes fully unlocked and ready for use with any network or carrier straight out of the box. You do not need to use any firmware hacks and risk "bricking" the phone. The ShadowMax Phone also has dual SIM, Micro SD slot, video recording functionality and a lot more (unlike the iPhone).

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