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Беспроводный Bluetooth стерео аудио ресивер (приёмник)
Беспроводный Bluetooth стерео аудио ресивер (приёмник)

Добавить в Корзину  455.00 грн.
 329.00 грн.

Есть на складе в Украине!Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Audio Dongle Adapter Connector 3.5mm Receiver ...
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02.Портативный мультимедийный мини видеопроектор - куб - HD 800x600
03.Портативный мультимедийный проектор
04.Видеопроектор (640x480) - Мобильный телефон - трёхдиапазонный GSM/GPRS с сенсорным экраном
05.Портативный светодиодный проектор DVD медиа плеер с U HDMI / AV / TV / VGA / S-Video / SCART слот - для дома и офиса
06.ShadowMax - Мобильный телефон с Видеопроектором (Две Сим Карты, TV)
07.Мобильный телефон на 2 Sim карты с сенсорным 3.2" экраноми и проектором
08.Мультимедиа светодиодный проектор со встроенным DVD-плеером
09.Мультимедийный видео проектор с SD картой памяти 4 Gb (1024x768)
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Видеопроектор (640x480) - Мобильный телефон - трёхдиапазонный GSM/GPRS с сенсорным экраном
Код товара: [CVSL-112]
 9692.20 грн.

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Карта памяти microSD TF card 2Гб 4Гб 8Гб
Карта памяти microSD TF card 2Гб 4Гб 8Гб

Product Features:   The TransFlash/ Micro SD Memory card Is mainly ...
Добавить в Корзину  222.25 грн.

Projector Phone Triband GSM/GPRS Touchscreen Cell Phone

(Видео я снимал сам лично, дома)

Is dragging around bulky projection equipment dragging you down? Are blurry images and short projection distances making your audience yawn? Are mini-projectors good for shining pictures on your friend's back, but nothing else? If you are ready to give up all hope for mini projectors, then keep reading. With this projector, you will enjoy high-quality images, huge projected images, and handheld portability. Impress your audience with the quality and style of your presentation, then watch them gasp in amazement when you answer a call on your projector. That's right, introducing the World's First Projector Phone!

This Projector Phone is a 2-in-1 device that performs both functions exceptionally. This baby throws up images reaching up to 2.4 meters (8 feet) tall! Even Yao Ming would have to stack at least 4 steamed buns on his head to be that tall! The projected image remains sharp from even a distance of over 4 meters (13 feet) away, almost as far as the free throw line. Clear images qualiy, rich colors, and a sharp 640x480 resolution make this one of the best handheld projectors available.

Don't forget, this amazing projector is also a phone! The phone is a high-powered, feature-rich personal communication and entertainment device. The highly responsive touchscreen and keypad with slide unlock and finger-scrolling menus make navigation quick and easy. Take advantage of the phone's camera and video and music player to relax between presentations. Bluetooth functionality gives you the added convenience of handsfree calling.

A combination of high-tech functionality, portability, and convenience make the Projector Phone a guaranteed hit! Buy one for your presentations and amaze your audience. Buy in bulk for your store or online shop and be the first to introduce this product to your customers. As always, Natakir brings you the latest high-tech gadgets at the best factory-direct prices.

At a Glance...




  • The World's First Projector Phone
  • Unlocked Tri-band Touchscreen Phone
  • Powerful Projector with large image projection and long projection range
  • Rich Entertainment Features

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Main function: Tri-band Touchscreen Projector Cell Phone
  • Additional functions: Project from internal or external source, play audio and video multimedia files, digital video camera, image viewer, portable file storage
  • GSM Compatibility: Tri Band 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900Mhz
  • Screen: 2.5 Inch TFT-LCD Touchscreen
  • Memory: 1 GB TF Card / microSD card (included)
  • Single SIM Card Slot

- SMS (text messaging) with templates and on-screen messaging
- MMS (multimedia messaging) for sending pictures, video, music
- VMail with active in and out box
- Broadcastmessage manager
- Active Contact Manager/Phonebook
- Enjoy the convenience of handsfree calling with Bluetooth
- Bluetooth Profiles: Handsfree, Headset, A2DP, AVRCP, FTP, SPP, SAP, OPP, DUN
GPRS Support
Mobile internet: WAP (if supported by your data plan)
Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Thai
Slide Unlock
- Talk Time: Up to 3 hours
- Music Play: Up to 9 hours
- Stand By: Up to 144 hours
Security Settings: Phone Lock, Auto Keypad Lock, Change Password
Phone Usage Analyzer:
- Call Cost Calculator
- SMS Counter
- GPRS Counter
- Last Call Time
- Configure Ring Tones with your MP3s
- Configure Alarm with your MP3s
- User Defined Wallpaper
Call Options:
- Call Waiting
- Call Forwarding / Call Divert (All Voice Calls, If Unreachable, If No Answer, If Busy, All Data Calls)
- Bar Outgoing Calls (All Calls, International Calls, International Calls Except to Home)
- Blacklist Incoming Calls (All Calls, When Roaming)
- Call Time Reminder (Single, Periodic)
- Auto Redial
Certifications: CE, FCC
Dimensions: 119mm x 58mm x 20mm (L x W x H)
Manufacturer Ref: WUBTCJETN77U


  • Projection Resolution: 640x480
  • Project from external source with AV In
  • Project internal data
  • Max distance from wall: Up to 4 meters (13 feet)! Projected image focus can be adjusted.
  • Max image size: Roughly 6.2 x 8 feet (1.92 x 2.4 meters)! Depending on image source quality.
  • Multimedia

Digital Camera 

- File Type: JPEG
- Banding: 50Hz, 60Hz
- Night Mode
Video Camera
- Recording File Format: AVI
- Resolution: 320x240
External Volume Control Buttons
Video Player: Yes
Video Player Extras: pair with Bluetooth
Audio Player: Yes
Audio Player Extras: pair with Bluetooth
Sound Recorder: Yes
Viewing and Listening Formats
- Video Formats: 3GP, AVI
- Picture Formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG
- Music and Sound Formats: MP3, AMR, WAV, MIDI
Product Notes

  • External Volume Up / Volume Down Buttons
  • Projection from internal or external (AV IN) source
  • Sticky Notes app with alarm reminder

Package Contents

  • Model CVSL-112 Tri-Band Projector Phone
  • 1 x 1GB micro SD/T-Flash card (pre-installed)
  • AV IN cable (phone to RCA red-white-yellow cable)
  • Wired stereo earphones with built-in MIC and clip
  • 2 x Rechargeable 3.7V 1800mAh Li-ion Batteries
  • Phone-to-USB cable
  • Wall Power Adapter (100-240V, 50/60Hz)
  • Battery Charging Cradle (100-240V, 50/60Hz)
  • Stylus
  • English User Manual

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I project my presentation? 
  • You can project data from the Projector Phone itself or connect directly to any device that has AV Out.
  • How do I focus the projected image?
  • There is a sliding Focus switch on the Projector Phone.
  • Does this phone have my language? 
  • The phone supports the languages listed above. If you need any other language and plan to order a large quantity (25+ pieces) then we may be able to supply this model with your choice of language(s).

Товар доступен к заказу в городах: Киев, Харьков, Днепропетровск, Донецк, Одесса, Запорожье, Львов, Кривой Рог, Николаев, Мариуполь, Луганск, Винница, Макеевка, Херсон, Севастополь, Симферополь, Полтава, Горловка, Чернигов, Черкассы, Сумы, Житомир, Днепродзержинск, Кировоград, Хмельницкий, Черновцы, Ровно, Ивано-Франковск, Тернополь, Кременчуг, Луцк, Ужгород, Ялта и других городах Украины и стран ближнего зарубежья.

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Стальной термометр 300°C с держателем
Стальной термометр 300°C с держателем
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Стальной термометр 350°C с резьбой
Стальной термометр 350°C с резьбой
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Детский сигнализатор недержания мочи при энурезе + датчик с зажимом
Детский сигнализатор недержания мочи при энурезе + датчик с зажимом

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Пришелец Bluetooth-динамик со светодиодом
Пришелец Bluetooth-динамик со светодиодом

Добавить в Корзину  1126.30 грн.
Portable LED Light Alien Bluetooth Speaker - HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, 1200mAh Battery, Hands Free, ...
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